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GHR German Human Resources

This is who we are!

We support various renowned healthcare facilities and organizations within the framework of employee leasing as well as personnel placement.

We are a fair, reliable, and personable employer, service provider, and partner.

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GHR German Human Resources is an experienced and successful specialized personnel service provider in Berlin.

Our Service

Our Service for Specialized Staffing Needs

We are a reliable partner for healthcare facilities. Our core services include employee leasing and personnel placement.

Our employees are qualified, experienced, and reliable. They have specialized training and are highly service-oriented.

In our team, you’ll find nurses, geriatric nurses, and many other specialists. Together, we embody our service and are always striving to competently assist our clients.

Eine Gruppe von freundlichen Pflegerinnen und Pfleger

Our Philosophy

We Live Work

Our internal team boasts extensive industry experience and high expertise. Through initiative, innovation, and creativity, we find the appropriate solution for every staffing request.

We earn the trust of our customers through competent consultation. We fulfil orders promptly and punctually with a strong focus on service orientation.

We place great importance on ensuring that our employees feel comfortable with us. Therefore, we offer them long-term career development prospects and create a trusting and respectful work atmosphere.

For us, “living work” means:

  • Creating a work environment where work is enjoyable
  • Being able to balance professional and personal life
  • Being wholeheartedly committed because our service is more than just a job
  • Identifying with values such as trust, decency, responsibility, honesty, and respect.


Specialized Personnel On-Demand

Available Immediately

We seamlessly meet your temporary need for specialized medical personnel without long lead times, whether due to high levels of sick leave, for vacation coverage, or maternity leave replacements.

Highly Qualified

The qualifications, language skills, and soft skills of our employees are thoroughly assessed and continuously developed to meet high demands and specific responsibilities.


To best assist you, we listen carefully and adapt flexibly to your needs, creating customized solutions.


Our Specialization in the Social Sector

Quality is more important to us than quantity. Therefore, we focus on one thing: personnel services in healthcare and social services. And we excel at it.

Different professional groups are supervised by various specialist areas. This allows us to better meet the individual requirements of our clients and employees.

Mitarbeiterin im Labor
Our Diversity

Diversity is Our Strength

Diverse cultures enrich the atmosphere within our company and among our clients. We value and foster the diverse skills and talents of our employees because the versatility of our team significantly determines the success of our company.

We have created an atmosphere where every employee – regardless of origin, gender, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation – is valued and respected.


Fairness, Reliability, Respect, Trust, and Professionalism

– these are the guiding principles underlying the new iGZ Code of Ethics. The approximately 3,700 member companies of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen (iGZ) have committed to upholding these principles. The iGZ members have clearly and explicitly formulated how they intend to conduct themselves as employers, contractors, in competition with other staffing agencies, and in relation to social partners, authorities, and the public.

Contact Point

For this purpose, an instrument has been created to ensure clarity in cases of doubt:

the Contact and Mediation Office (Kuss)

The contact point, reachable at the telephone number (030) 25 76 28 47 or via email at, receives inquiries, complaints, and feedback regarding the iGZ Code of Ethics. If the contact point determines, after examination, that ethical principles of the code have been violated, it forwards the inquiry to the mediation office.

Both the contact and mediation offices are not subject to any directives from the iGZ board or the headquarters.

Mediation Office

The mediation office consists of Holger Dahl, Managing Director of “Holger Dahl Conflict Management”, Prof. Franz Josef Düwell, former Chief Judge at the Federal Labor Court, and Torsten Oelmann, owner of the “Oelmann Consulting” consultancy agency for employee leasing. The tasks of the mediation office include monitoring compliance with the iGZ Code of Ethics, facilitating agreements in case of discrepancies, and notifying the iGZ board in case of serious violations. In case of serious violations, the mediation office may also recommend to the iGZ board the expulsion of a member from the association.

Fairness Guarantee Card

For external employees, a Fairness Guarantee Card has been developed. This card, in credit card format, contains the key statements of the iGZ Code of Ethics and the contact information of the KuSS office. External employees can always have the Fairness Guarantee Card at hand and know who to contact in case of disputes.


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